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Having gotten there, how do we sustain the momentum?

Cloud_Computing_1Cloud service brokers consolidate hybrid Cloud services for customers.

Gartner forecasts that Cloud Computing service brokers will become the largest single market for Cloud services by 2015. Companies will increasingly have to link services in personal Clouds with offerings from external services. When they design private Cloud services, companies need to keep future hybrid scenarios in mind, to ease subsequent integration. The assembly of hybrid Cloud services will increasingly become the task of Cloud service brokers (CSBs), which will adapt these services for their customers.

Cloud-client architectures are transforming.

In these models, the client represents a multi-tier application that runs on an Internet-connected device. The server side consists of a variety of application services that are hosted on flexibly scalable Cloud Computing platforms. According to Gartner, this model will change in one of two directions. On one side, constraints on Internet bandwidth – budgetary and otherwise – will result in larger components of applications running directly on mobile devices. On the other side, the increasing demands of mobile users will require more computing and storage capacity on the server side.

The Cloud will become the most important data manager.

The era of the personal Cloud will result in a shift of power: away from centralized devices and toward services. Although they will still be used, centralized devices such as PCs will become things of the past. As the trend of using multiple devices continues to accelerate, the Cloud will take on the primary role of data manager.

Amazon, Google, and Facebook become performance benchmarks in IT.

Cloud Computing giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are setting the new benchmarks in IT performance. This has long ceased to be a mere matter of size; speed and agility are also crucial factors. Gartner calls the combination of all these aspects “web-scale IT” and assumes that the IT value chain will undergo a systematic change. Companies that hope to keep up have to rethink in several different dimensions: the Cloud providers’ structures, processes, and applications are pointing the way to the future. Aspects of cost optimization and sustainability will play an even greater role in future plans for data centers.

(Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterhigh/2013/10/14/gartner-top-10-strategic-technology-trends-for-2014/)

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Written by Lakshmi Nanduri

Corporate Trainer & Consultant

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