What does Delta to the Cloud involve? P3

What is in it for each of the stakeholders involved?

Cloud_2Cloud Computing to become a 100 billion dollar market.

Cloud expenditures will increase by 25%, rising to $100 billion. IDC expects a dramatic increase in Cloud data centers worldwide, since all major Cloud competitors will want to position themselves globally.

Data brokers will take advantage of Big Data growth.

Expenditures on Big Data technology and associated services are expected to grow by 30% and subsequently surpass $14 billion. As a consequence of this growth, IDC predicts a severe shortage of sufficiently trained Big Data analysts. Content providers and data brokers, on the other hand, will pop up in large numbers, says IDC. These people will fulfill the needs of companies that are looking for valuable data sources and applications to gain a better understanding of their customers and markets.

The end of insularity for social technologies.

Social technologies no longer exist in isolation. Over the next 12 to 18 months, they will become more and more integrated into existing enterprise applications. The data collected and processed by these technologies are now being used not only for customer retention and marketing, but are increasingly also channeled into product development and services. IDC expects social networks for companies to become more and more available as a standard Cloud solution.

“Cloud first” strategy will become a must.

Data centers constitute the physical base below the Cloud and are therefore an important component of the third platform. The number of data centers geared towards providing Cloud services is growing, turning providers of Cloud services into important consumers in the server, storage, and networking components business. Consequently, the analysts say, established hardware providers that found it hard to gain a foothold in this market in the past, will in future be forced to adapt a “Cloud first” strategy

Internet of Things will pick up speed, enabling new industry partnerships.

In 2014, the third platform will expand from smartphones, tablets, and PCs to the Internet of Things. The analysts predict that the Internet of Things will pick up speed during the year. IDC expects new industry partnerships to form, such as between traditional IT providers and telecommunication providers or semiconductor manufacturers, for instance, that want to create a joint integrated offering within consumer electronics and for networked devices in general. By 2020, IDC expects revenues totalling $8.9 billion from technologies related to the Internet of Things.

(Source: www.idc.com/research/Predictions14/index.jsp)

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Written by Lakshmi Nanduri

Corporate Trainer & Consultant

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